About the project

The project aims to focus on information dissemination for not only interested sectoral and workplace level trade union representatives, but employees who are not trade union members and international corporate representatives (HR staff, legal representatives) in order to familiarize them with the recast EWC directive and content of relevant EU law. In general the project focuses on making employer and employee representatives (not exclusively trade union officials and members) aware of the possibility to creating such transnational information and consultation forums. There are several companies headquartered in the new Member States having one or more subsidiaries which intentions to establish European Works Councils are there, but so far has not been established.

Implementation I.

Useful and straightforward information brochures or/and leaflets in the project partners languages in order to get the potential representatives familiar with information / consultation rights of workers and European Works Councils.

Disseminating of the brochures or/and leaflets in the countries participating in the projects at enterprise level. The main target groups are employees and representatives of BorsodChem and ISD Dunaferr, but also multinationals falling within the scope of SE and EWC Directive (source of selection: the ETUI European Works Council Database and European Company Database).

Implementation II.

Organizing information days in Hungary at enterprise level at three different locations for representatives of workers and employers.

The information days are followed by 2-days trainings in every countries (joint and separate sessions for employers and employees representatives): national and EU legal background, requirements, practical guide to set up EWCs, exchange of experiences with members of already working EWCs and management responsible for keeping touch with EWC.

Conference: bringing together strongly interested employer and worker representatives / potential EWC members and with already operating EWC members and EWC experts from the countries taking part in the project.