Project Training Days, 9-10th October, Vilnius

The 2-day training event in Vilnius was organized within the partly EU-funded project "Promoting EWC establishments in new Member States through information and training for enterprise-level social partners" (VS/2014/0041). The aim of the training was to provide information and exchange practices on establishing European Work Councils in Hungary, Poland and Lithuania for representatives of workers and employers of companies falling within the scope of EWC Directive and catch the attention of workplace level stakeholders such as workplace trade union representatives and interested employees as well as management representatives.

28 participants:

  • 13 company level representatives from international companies without EWC: AB "Lifosa" (Lithuania), LTP TexDan (Lithuania), AB Vilkma (Lithuania), UAB AQ Wiring Systems (Lithuania)
  • 4 EWC representatives from UAB Philip Morris Lietuva and UAB "Švyturys – Utenos alus" (Calsberg)
  • 6 representatives of Lithuanian trade union confederations LPS Solidarumas and LDF, interested in EWC.
  • Representatives from NSZZ "Solidarnosc" (Poland) and LIGA (Hungary)
  • ETUI trainer, project manager, project coordinator from LPS Solidarumas.

ETUI trainer Bruno Demaitre presented the historical overview of establishment and development EWC, European legal beackground (EWC directive) and the main feelds of activities. Lawyer from LPS Solidarumas Ksenija Giedraitienė described the Lithuanian law related to EWC and the rules of workers' representative. Representatives from Hungary and Poland presented the situation with EWC in their countries and difficulties of establishment EWC in companies with headquarters in Hungary and Poland. There are only 2 EWCs established in Hungary and no EWC established in Poland. The participants found the situation of social dialogue very common with Lithuanian.

In 3 working groups all participants discused the positive aspects of EWC for trade unions and all the emploees and tried to plan step-by-step how the EWC might be established in their companies.

EWC representatives from 2 Lithuanian companies with headquarters in other EU countries shared their own experience of working with EWC.
ETUI trainer Bruno Demaitre gave an advices and run the debate how trade unions should use the opportunity given by EWC institution to make workers representation more significant and to get the information directly from the main administration of the company.

Most of participants evaluated the training as very usefull, they increased their knowledge about workers reprasentation and information and consultation rules in companies falling within the scope of EWC Directive.

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